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Sewing is an ancient textile craft that transitioned from being developed solely by hand using fundamental techniques to being exclusively mechanised. As intelligent creatures, humans have always had a natural inclination towards technological advancement, especially when considering their frail bodies. Regarding the history of Maagdenhuis, it is possible to understand the relationship between the orphan girls and this craft: ”[...] the girls were mainly used as cheap labour. Their embroidery and lace were sold to pay for the cost of their upkeep. In the eighteenth century, everything was geared towards production leaving the girls no time to learn anything else. There was no fun to be had, no leisure. What’s more, all the embroidery and lacemaking were very unhealthy. The girls would spend the whole day, from early morning until late in the evening indoors, crouched over their work in the workhouse.” The connection between these girls and this technique was intimate, sensual, agonising, and urgent. The time they spent with the devices converted them into extensions of their bodies.

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